Window Wells & Egress Window Wells

Quality Waterproofing offers a range of window well and egress options for your home or business. Our options include Stonewells, Rhinowells, Modularwells and Mar-flex Landscapes. Window wells keep soil away from the foundation and allows for proper water drainage and grading. These also allow for larger windows to be installed during the build. Our Durawell Window wells also work as an emergency exit option from your basement with the stone like ladder design. These come in two color options of Sandstone and Slate. Quality Waterproofing will excavate the hole needed to install the well. We will hang and fasten the well. Once that is complete the area will be back filled and graded. Our technicians will ensure that the grading is compliant with the local code requirements. We also offer window well covers as an accessory to your well. These covers come in a Mesh Grate, Rebar Grate and Polycarbonate Cover. Adding window well covers protects from debris, pests, and the natural elements. They do this while still adding natural light to enter your basement.

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