Piering/ Mass Underpinning

Quality Waterproofing offers a wide verity of foundation repair options for your home or business. We often see that older and newer homes need extra stability. Our technicians can help your falling foundation by adding piers. These piers are steel pipe pillars that are driven into the soil under your basement, crawlspace or slab. The piers are driven into rock or more suitable soil to give the foundation a better base. They are then connected to the foundation and tested to be sure they have a strong hold. Once tested to handle more then the weight needed the piers are jacked to the foundation. The piers are then welded or bolted to the wall brackets. There are many benefits to using piers on concrete foundations. These include no yard destruction, low cost compared to other foundation fixes and no disruption or loss of use of the residence. The repair is performed with the building being used as normal. Mass underpinning is when a segment of ground is excavated below the buildings existing foundation. This is done to a depth where suitable bearing strata exists. The hole is then filled with concrete and cured before the next hole is excavated. Once completed a dry sand cement packing mortar is rammed in between the new and old foundation. This ensures that the weight of the building is transferred safely when let down on the pins. This needs to be completed in sages by a trained professional to insure no more foundation damage.

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