Masonry Tuckpointing

Do you have some bricks or stone that need a little face lift? Quality Waterproofing has you covered for all your tuckpointing needs both inside and outside your home. Over time the natural elements work away at the mortar between brick. This crumbling of the mortar leaves the brick exposed to moisture. This causes the structural integrity of the wall to be compromised. It also causes the price of your home to depreciate. Our technicians will clean out the deteriorated mortar and fill the joints with new color matching the old mortar as closely as possible. This will give the mortar a clean and updated look. Typically, mortar lasts between 20-30 years before the maintenance is needed. We recommend following up with our brick sealing to give you that added waterproof protection. It’s important to note, however, that cracks in mortar and brick aren’t always a result of normal wear and tear. Cracks in a brick exterior could be a signal that the building’s foundation is shifting or compromised.

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