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Window wells are a great addition to homes. They provide natural light, offer an emergency exit, and enhance the value of your living space. What they should never do is add a new source of water intrusion into your home.

Egress Window Wells to Beautify Your Home

An egress window well is a semi-circular hole with a window that allows natural light into your basement. A reinforcement wall is included to both prevent soil from collapsing the well and to manage water and debris. The reinforcement wall can also act as an emergency exit from the basement in case of emergencies.

Window wells are often dismissed as unimportant to the health of your basement. Nothing could be further from the truth! An improperly installed well is often a source of water damage, humidity, and mold / mildew growth. Not to mention a threat to the security and safety of your home.

When properly installed, a window well can go from an unsightly eye-sore to a beautiful part of your landscaping.

Quality Waterproofing installs new window wells and will review, repair, and reinforce your existing window wells.

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Window Well For Safe Exits

No Maintenance Window Wells

Mar-flex Landscapes™ No Maintenance Window Wells transform lower level living to the next level. They are designed to brighten your basement and increase the curb appeal of your home. Mar-Flex Landscapes are maintenance-free and won’t rust or dent.

Mar-Flex Landscapes No-Maintenance Window Wells:

  • Won’t rust or dent like metal
  • Offer a window well cover for added safety and the elimination of weeds and pests
  • Feature a built-in floor for maintenance -free construction
  • Let in more natural light than traditional window wells
  • Enhance your home’s value
  • Install easily – no specialty hardware needed
  • Channel water away with the drain and contoured bottom
  • Include a drain kit
  • Feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Come in three designer colors to coordinate with Lifelines™
Window Well Under Construction

Window Well Emergency Exit - EscapeEmergency Exit Window Wells

Keep your family safe with Mar-flex Lifelines™ Egress Window Wells for the basement. The built-in handrails and steps provide a quick and easy way for you and loved ones to escape in case of a fire, tornado or other life threatening emergency.

Lifelines Emergency Egress Window Wells:

  • Provide escape with built in steps and handrails
  • Won’t rust or dent like metal
  • Offer a window well cover for added safety and the elimination of weeds and pests
  • Feature a built in floor for maintenance free construction
  • Meet building codes for below-grade living space egress
  • Feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Offer optional grate, mid mount, and templates

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Quality Waterproofing will be happy to evaluate your property for installation of new window wells or repair or maintenance of existing wells.  Our professional team provides fast and reliable service.

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