Basement Crack Repair
Cincinnati / Dayton, OH

Cracks in poured-in-place concrete foundations are an unfortunate fact of life. Small cracks can grow into big cracks, resulting in structural integrity loss and water leakage. Quality Waterproofing can fix those ugly cracks in your basement.

Basement Crack Repair Done Right

Concrete basement and foundation crack repair is done from the inside of the basement. A technician will not have to dig up the foundation on the outside. The concrete basement crack is filled entirely by urethane grout injection. The urethane grout expands on contact with water and air up to twenty-five times.

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Cracks May Be a Symptom of Larger Problem

Basement cracks don’t create themselves. Often cracks are a symptom of water seepage. If you also notice an excess of mold, mildew, or standing water, it’s possible you have a drainage system that isn’t up to the task. Quality Waterproofing will repair your cracked walls or foundation but will also inspect for causes and offer additional options such as Sump Pump and Battery Backups and Interior Drainage Systems / Waterproofing.

Areas Where a Basement Can Leak - Quality Waterproofing
Quality Waterproofing Basement Crack Repair

On-Site Evaluations

At Quality Waterproofing, our experienced and professional staff will come to your home and evaluate the problem. We will walk through your basement and give you a detailed explanation of the problem, and suggest a repair process. We will then provide you with an estimate by fax or email for your consideration.

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