Sump Pump & Battery Backup Installation

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Don’t Risk Thousands of Dollars in Damage Due to a Faulty or Non-Existent Sump Pump. Quality Waterproofing can install or replace a sump pump to prevent future water problems in your home.

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If your basement is at risk of flooding, a sump pump is one of the best safeguards. A sump pump removes water that has accumulated due to heavy rains or by being below the water table. Water is channeled to the sump basin to prevent damage to your basement interior and belongings. That water is then pumped out through interior and exterior drainage systems.

We specialize in sump pump installations. You can rest assured that your sump pump will be installed by our experienced staff. After an evaluation of your home’s environment and construction, we will recommend the best product to secure your home and belongings against water damage.

Whether you have already suffered the misfortune of basement flooding or just want to make sure you never do, we can help.

Sump Pump Installation

Sometimes basements and crawlspaces require one or more sump pumps to properly drain excessive moisture. If not properly installed, a pump either won’t receive the water to pump it out or it will be overworked and burn out prematurely. We will provide an analysis and show you exactly where the pump or pumps need to be installed and discuss the proper interior and exterior drainage systems required.

Sump Pump Battery Back-UpWe also offer an optional battery backup for most sump pumps that will turn on automatically during power outages. This alleviates the worry of your basement flooding during outages from violent storms or other troubles.

Repair and Preventative Maintenance

It’s very important to have your sump pump drainage system checked periodically to ensure that it is capable of withstanding both daily use and the inevitable heavy load from hard rains. Quality Waterproofing will come out to your property and inspect your sump pump to make sure it is running properly. We will also check your battery backup to ensure that it’s still ready to power your sump pump in case of emergency.

We would be happy to give you an evaluation of your current system to determine if it’s working properly. This could prevent any costly surprises in the future.

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