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Waterproofing a new construction should be done by professionals with years of dedicated experience. Quality  Waterproofing has dedicated crews that know from tried and true experience how to assist you in determining which product will work for you.  Dedicated phone lines allow our jobs to be sprayed within 24 hours of the call-in.

New Construction? Quality Waterproofing Works With You

Whether you are a commercial builder or family building your dream home, Quality Waterproofing can help waterproof your investment. We have extensive experience waterproofing new basements, driveways, parking lots, or foundations. Our professional team will meet with your architect or job foreman to determine the best approach and materials for your job. Basement are completed within 24 hours of a call. The process typically take less than an hour from beginning to end.
Without professional and expert waterproofing, you risk water damage as ground water or rain seeps into the new construction. This damage can cause major problems and destroy what you have invested in your new construction.

Waterproofing services we can deploy include:

  • Flashing
  • Window Wells
  • Sump pumps and footer drains
  • Concrete and Brick sealing

Waterproofing and Flashing
Flashing in Residential Construction


Flashing is a 6 Mill layer of waterproof material that keeps water from getting between foundation and seal plate. Because water unerringly flows toward the ground, flashing carries it safely over the inevitable crevices, cracks and gaps in the building’s exterior.

Types of Flashing:

  • Window and Door Flashing
  • Thru Wall Products for stone and other manufactured veneers.
  • Without proper flashing, years down the road, water may penetrate brick siding, sheathing and framing that’s the consistency of oatmeal or even thriving colonies of carpenter ants. Over time, trapped water leads to decay. The result is never good, and often expensive and time-consuming to repair.
  • Without flashing, there is nothing to prevent water from seeping into your home’s brick / siding and framing.

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