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Does water stream over the foundation walls of your basement whenever you get a heavy rain? Is mold growing behind your brick walls? You may have serious problems with your home and not even know it. 

Protect Your Brick Home through Quality Waterproofing

Your Brick Veneer is Under Attack

Brick veneer homes are not sealed. Wind-driven rain rapidly enters the cavity behind walls and patios. This is a common cause for mold growth. Winters also bring road salt and cracks from the freeze/thaw cycles brought on by unpredictable temperature changes. If you stop the water and salt from entering the brick, you can prevent ongoing damage. Quality Waterproofing can seal bricks and prevent this from happening.

Brick Maintenance in cold Ohio Winters

What Quality Waterproofing will seal:

Glazed Brick
Concrete Block

A Powerful Sealant to the Rescue

Quality Waterproofing will use a powerful sealant on your masonry or brick. This revolutionary coating stops water penetration into surfaces. It is an inexpensive yet highly effective solution that does not stain or discolor. The sealant bonds chemically to the pores inside and below the surface of brick/masonry substrates.

The sealant protects your home or building from:

  • Road salt
  • Wind-driven moisture
  • Freeze/thaw cycles
  • Chipping, breaking, or spalling
  • Mildew

Power Washing
Brick Cleaning in Cincinnati and Dayton, OH

A Thorough Cleaning

All sealing jobs begin with a thorough power washing and cleaning of your surfaces. This ensures that the sealant adheres properly to the surface and

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