The DynaPier® foundation piering system was engineered to be the strongest foundation pier on the market. It is the only foundation pier designed by combining steel and high strength concrete making it one of the strongest foundation piers in the industry. Read more about the DynaPier® system and discover what makes it so much stronger than the competition.

How The DynaPier® System Works

The DynaPier® system is installed directly beneath the footing rather than outside of the footing, which transfers the structural load directly on top of the foundation pier. This places the pier in best position to provide the greatest support. The DynaPier® is driven deeper than any other pier on the market, increasing your home’s stability. The interlocking, DynaPier® segments are comprised of high-strength concrete that is pre-cast in a steel sleeve providing superior strength and compressive resistance as proven by independent testing labs. The outer casing is filled with a concrete core, and cured for maximum hardness.

The DynaPier® segments are hydraulically driven into the ground one at a time. After one DynaPier® segment is driven, another segment is connected to the foundation pier, and the process is repeated until the foundation pier hits bedrock or a dense strata of subsurface material providing maximum support. The foundation pier is then topped with a steel cap, and shims are installed internally allowing no slippage. Finally, the house is lifted and secured to the foundation pier. Watch the video for more information on the installation process.

A house that is piered with the DynaPier® will have a stronger foundation. In fact, it will exceed the home’s original structural integrity, making the foundation better than new. For an in-depth comparison of the DynaPier® and other common foundation piers, visit the DynaPier® website.


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