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I would just like to Share my experience with this company. I called several places for estimates in the last two years as my basement has been flooding, groundwater comes through my floor drains, every load of laundry I do flooded my basement, and my foundation has been bowing. Every other company charged 3-4x the amount. I was told $15,000-$20,000 everywhere else I called!! This company responded quickly! They did an estimate the first day I had available. They scheduled the work timely, and a crew of 4 very friendly professional guys came out and had almost my entire drainage system, foundation issues, and drain issues all fixed in under 4days!! The guys worked 12-14hour days, cleaned and swept up each day before they left, and altogether left me completely satisfied. I was so pleased with them I wrote a great shout out about them on a local group called “**** ** ******”! I know that I had never heard of them before and when I realized they were located in Monroe and no one had heard of them, I thought I’d share my experience! There is no reason anyone should be dooped into paying that kind of money with a “big name” company when these guys are local and did an awesome job!! I’d love to answer any questions about the work they did here! I am a real person, I didn’t have 20grand laying in my pocket, they literally “saved” my house. It was seriously about to be really bad with the foundation issues. If you need anymore info please just ask me! I’ll shout them to the rooftops!! Thanks Guys! You ROCK!!

Chaundra H


The service I received from Quality Waterproofing was excellent. I needed a crack repaired in my basement wall and they sent someone out first thing the following morning. The crack was repaired in less than an hour and the workers were very friendly.



A+ experience from our first contact with Quality Waterproofing to the completion of the job!

John H.


Quality Waterproofing worked out wonderfully.  They are finishing up minor things tomorrow.  They were just on it!!!  I’ve already referred them to a client, who already got a FREE estimate from them.  Tony and his crew were very efficient and knowledgeable about the work they were doing.  He is hands on and is on site!  His communication throughout the process was fantastic!  I think they completed the job in 3 days as promised; we let the work dry over the weekend.  My husband and I are both very pleased!  Thanks guys!

Vonetta M.


I was pleased and extremely impressed with Quality Waterproofing.  Tony came out the same day I called and had a FREE estimate to me within hours.  The team were on-time, courteous, clean, and professional.  I’ve already recommended them to a couple of neighbors!

Bryan E.


We just can’t believe how quickly you guys responded to our request for help!  In and out in 1 day and no mess for us to clean up!  Now we can have the family room we’ve always wanted without worrying about the leaks.  Thank you, Tony, and your team!

Jim and Liz P.


I’ve used Quality Waterproofing twice, for two completely different jobs at my old house, and each time was a great experience. The workmen are professional, smart, confident, curteous, and very pleasant. They do exactly what they propose, and usually in less time. Wonderful!



About a year ago, we had Quality Waterproofing inspect some areas of our basement that were leaking when it rained hard for two or more days. The Owner came, inspected our foundation from the outside and pointed out 6 places in which the foundation was cracked. They fixed the leaks by digging down to the base of the foundation and sealing the cracks from the outside. An alternative of sealing the cracks from the inside of the basement was pointed out which cost more and had a better success rate. Since our basement was a finished one, we would have had to remove and replace wood paneling along with the associated trim to access the cracks. Plus, the inside option cost more. I decided to have them do the work from the outside to avoid any paneling removal and save money. All seals held until this Spring we had the melting the of two feet of snow on our roof accompanied by two solid days of drenching rain when one leak reappeared. Our house is located in an area that has a lot of clay and gets “swampy” when there is a lot of water. When Quality Waterproofing was called about the problem, they came out to our house, helped us remove the paneling and trim work in the basement that covered the leaking area to determine the exact location and the cause of the leak. They infused the leaking area with a special epoxy that expanded into the crack of the foundation from the inside and fixed the problem. This was almost a year after their initial work on our foundation, and we had decided to take the alternative of sealing the crack from the outside. Even so, they did the additional fix at no charge. Do’s and Don’ts: If you have a foundation leak, DO have it sealed from the inside if you can at all do it – even if it means removing basement finish work. DO call Quality Waterproofing. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Jeffrey L.


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