What is Foundation Failure?

Dayton and Cincinnati Foundation Repair issues are common. Failures occur to home foundations daily. What does it mean if your home has a foundation failure? Foundation failure occurs when a property’s foundation settles below the original construction point.

How to Know When A Property Foundation Has Settled?

Property owners will notice that doors and windows will not shut or open correctly. Often times homeowners find cracks in their inside walls. Sometimes a foundation can shift enough to have sheetrock fall off the ceilings. Another commonly found issue is seeing cracks on the outside of the house.

Common Signs Of Foundation Problems


  • Uneven Floors

  • Cracks In Exterior or Interior Walls

  • Walls That Have Rotated

  • Bowing Walls

  • Walls Separating From The Home

  • Doors and Windows Will Not Open or Close Correctly

  • Cracks in Interior Flooring

What Causes A Home To Settle?

Cracked FoundationWater is the reason foundations settle. Too much or too little water can cause the soil to expand or contract. Seasonal cycles of wet and dry weather conditions cause settlement and foundation fatigue. Over time a foundation does not have the same support as when the structure was originally built and foundation settlement happens.

Evaporation can happen when hot dry windy conditions combine to cause the soil to shrink. When the soil starts to contract the foundation can settle in the space where the soil has cracked and reduced itself.

Improper Drainage is a leading factor of foundation failure. When a house’s gutters are full of debris the rain water will run over the gutter and down to the base of the property. It is best to keep a home’s gutters cleaned out and to make sure that all down spouts is flushing the water away from the property.

Transpiration is causes by trees or other plants taking away the moisture from the soil. When this happens the soil contracts and the home will settle.

Can My Foundation Problems Be Fixed?

Yes. Foundation issues can be fixed. When foundation failures occur at a property, it is best to have a professional foundation repair company look at it immediately. Quality Waterproofing uses the best product on the market, DynaPier, to permanently fix foundation problems. DynaPier is backed by the industries highest warranty.

What is DynaPier?

DynaPier was designed to be the strongest foundation pier in the industry by combining steel and high strength concrete. Unlike other foundation products, DynaPier is designed to be centered directly beneath the foundation. It is driven deep enough to reach solid strata or bedrock.

DynaPier Comparisons

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